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What Universities Offer Online Degrees

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Modern technologies allow you to get a higher education — both the second and the first — without wasting time on attending lectures.

Many higher education institutions offer a distance learning service, in which you are only required to submit your documents and start studying through your personal account on the university’s website or educational platform.

Some universities will require online attendance at webinars, others simply provide lecture recordings for the free use of students. Curricula are also issued, according to which it is necessary to do term papers and other tasks, which are then sent for verification.

Upon completion of the training, a state-issued diploma is issued, no different from the diploma obtained during full-time study.

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List of universities with distance education

  1. Universidad UK allows you to get a bachelor’s degree in 2 years and 8 months. You can study at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want, so you can combine higher education with work. If you do not work, then specialists will help you get a job after graduation. There will be live online meetings every week. Teachers will guide you throughout the learning process.
  2. University of London will allow you to become a master in computer technology in 36-72 months, you will gain computer skills and hone creativity. Since the training is 100% online, people from different countries can study without spending money on flights and accommodation in another country.
  3. Queen Mary University of London will allow you to get a Master of Science degree in Applied Data Analytics. In 2 years, you will receive a competitive diploma, gaining knowledge from leading professors. And it’s all completely online.
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This is not the whole list of universities. Getting a diploma online is becoming more and more popular and competitive every year. Thanks to distance learning, you can study at any university in the world and combine it with work. The quality of such education is in no way inferior to the usual one, since throughout the entire learning process you are led by teachers.